Editor's Pick: The Soap-Free Cleansing Bar That Won't Dry Out Your Face

Don't be fooled by its shape. This vegan face wash clarifies, balances and moisturizes skin like a champ.

Editor's Pick: The Soap-Free Cleansing Bar That Won't Dry Out Your Face
(Source: Drunk Elephant, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Every bar of soap I've ever used leaves my skin feeling dry and waxy. I've been conditioned to assume that if it's in the shape of a rectangle, I'll have that weird after-feeling on my skin. (My dermatologist growing up even recommended washing with Dial Gold to dry out my acne—it worked.) But despite its solid square form, I decided to try Drunk Elephant's Pekee Bar ($28) since I've heard nothing but amazing things about the vegan skincare brand.

Current Obsession: Drunk Elephant Peke Bar
(Source: Drunk Elephant)

Lesson learned: Never judge a book—or bar soap—by its cover. This cleansing bar does the exact opposite of what I've experienced in the past. With a pH-balanced base, there's no stripping of the skin. Instead, you're left with a soft, moisturized visage that feels luxuriously clean.

Infused with blueberry extract, Marula oil and honey, the Pekee Bar packs a multipurpose punch by clarifying, balancing and moisturizing while also washing away pore-clogging impurities and excess oil. Amazingly enough, it does all that while being soap-free. (Don't fret though, you're still going to get a wonderful cleansing.) The brand's decision to exclude soap, fragrance and a bunch of other blacklisted items is what makes its products ideal for sensitive skin. 

Get ready to re-evaluate your idea of face wash with Drunk Elephant's Pekee Bar and buy it, here.

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