Current Obsession: Pinrose Fragrances

Current Obsession: Pinrose Fragrances(Source: Pinrose)Fragrance is an intensely personal thing, so why isn't the act of choosing one? Between the generic, mass-produced perfumes you can smell on everyone and the overwhelming way they're displayed in department stores (who among us hasn't been spritzed in the face by a salesperson?), finding a signature scent that's truly authentic can be surprisingly difficult. 

Here to simplify the process is Pinrose, a new online fragrance brand founded by Stanford business school classmates Erika Shumate and Christine Luby. Shumate studied the psychology of smell and draws on synesthesia—how the senses are interrelated—to help pinpoint a perfume that's right for you. Rather than simply list the top, middle and base notes, each of the ten fragrances (1oz $50) are paired with a music playlist and a Pinterest board of inspiring images so you can get a better idea of what the scent is all about.

There's also a ten-question scent finder quiz that asks you for instinctive responses towards photos, shapes, colors and sounds, as well as straightforward answers about your age, fashion sense, and fragrance dislikes and experience. It then spits out three recommendations from the domestically produced collection that reflect your personality.

Current Obsession: Pinrose Fragrances(Source: Pinrose)Although the travel-friendly bottles aren't much of an investment at $50 a pop, you can sign up to receive three free fragrance towelette samples ($1 for shipping) before committing to your favorite in full size. The single-use swipes proved to be so popular that Pinrose now offers them in a starter kit (ten for $5) and as a petal pack ($20), which gets you 25 of your choosing.

You can shop the full collection and find your ideal fragrance here.
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