Current Obsession: TOMS x Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk and Toms Shoes(Source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe)The worlds of music and fashion often collide—we've come to a point in our history when your taste in tunes may even define how you dress. In the case of Toms' collaboration with DJ and noted humanitarian Paul van Dyk, the partnership goes deeper than just aesthetics.

Current Obsession: TOMS x Paul van Dyk(Source: Toms x Paul van Dyk Beachmaster sunglasses, $125)Van Dyk was one of the first true superstar DJs. He was also the first artist to receive a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic album and he pioneered the music-and-dance movement, trance. Van Dyk is a trailblazer and aside from sharing the Toms brand's penchant for fashion (the galaxy pattern on his collaborative pieces was inspired by his own signature triangle logo), he has a passion for giving back. The DJ has dedicated himself to helping underprivileged children in India, both in his home country of Germany and in America. He was also one of only two non-Americans (the other was Bono) to participate in the Rock the Vote campaign.

Current Obsession: TOMS x Paul van Dyk(Source: Toms x Paul van Dyk Women's Classics, $59)Van Dyk's collaboration with Toms includes women's and men's classic slip-ons ($59) and unisex Beachmaster sunglasses ($125). I love the unique look of the pieces, and the work and creativity they represent. Plus, it's tough to find a comfier pair of slip-ons than Toms and you'll be reaching for those chic sunnies all summer.

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