Editor's Pick: The Facial Cleanser You Apply to Dry Skin for Superior Results

Current Obsession: Dr. Dennis Gross' Color Smart Cleanser & Mask(Source: Dr. Dennis Gross Color Smart Cleanser & Mask, $28)Reason #3,495 we can't wait for winter to be over: the season is doing an absolute doozy on our facial skin. We blame our dry, lackluster, all-around parched-ness on the lethal combination of (1) the arctic cold outside and (2) the fact that we've been blasting a moisture-sucking space heater mere inches from our visage. To make matters worse, our usual arsenal of high-impact skincare—you know, the lotions, potions and washes that dew-ify and deep clean—has only irritated our skin further.

So we'd begrudgingly settled on a mild (and majorly ineffective) cleanser—until Dr. Gross' Color Smart Cleanser & Mask ($28) entered our lives like an answer to a beauty prayer. The luxuriously creamy formula is packed with everything our high-maintenance skin needs: fruit enzymes and AHAs to exfoliate; clays to absorb impurities; and a potent mix of antioxidants and vitamin C to brighten, firm and fight free radicals. And yet it's totally gentle and non-irritating.

Perhaps it's because you massage the cleanser onto your dry face with dry hands (and watch the formula change color when deep-cleansing ingredients have been activated!); perhaps it's because the potion is soap-free and full of moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Either way, once we rinse it away with water, our skin feels next-level soft, clean and pampered.  

This is one wonder wash we'll be using long after the season changes. Get yours, here.