Current Obsession: Bucketfeet

Current Obsession: Bucketfeet(Source: Bucketfeet Archer Canvas Lace-Up, $68; Delta Canvas Lace-Up, $68)If you're not already bouncing around in a pair of this season's sporty sneakers, we feel sorry for your feet. And if you are—and you know how gloriously comfy a pair of rubber-soled kicks can be—then you’ll be thrilled to see these fanciful styles from Bucketfeet.

The brand's canvas lace-up and slip-on shoes ($65–$68) aren't just eye-catching, they're wearable masterpieces: each style features the work of a different emerging artist from around the world. 

Current Obsession: Bucketfeet(Source: Bucketfeet Aspara Canvas Slip-On, $68)Since launching three years ago, more than 2,000 painters, graffiti artists, tattooists and illustrators have whipped up wholly original designs for the footwear company. And browsing the artist bios attached to each pair is, frankly, half the fun.

The graphic, Pucci-esque Pasco 54 Slip-Ons ($65) are the work of 27-year-old French painter Olivier Vouzellaud; the black-and-white Aspara style ($68) were designed by Cambodian street artist Lisa Mam. No matter the provenance of their creator, all the sneaks share some common ground: each is zippy, smile-inducing and practically begging for a pair of jean cut-offs and a slouchy white tee.

Current Obsession: Bucketfeet(Source: Bucketfeet Mesa Sunset Canvas Lace-Up, $65; Pasco 54 Canvas Slip-On, $65)To peruse the varied and vibrant selection, head over to Bucketfeet or Nordstrom