Current Obsession: APL Windchill Running Sneakers

Current Obsession: APL's Windchill Running Sneakers(Source: APL)I'll admit I was hesitant to try out a pair of Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes for several reasons: One, I'm really picky about my running shoes. I went through no less than five pairs at the running store before deciding upon my first pair of real running shoes (and I took them back a month later). Two, weren't these the shoes that the NBA banned? The short answer is yes. Back in 2010, the NBA banned APL basketball sneakers due to the competitive advantage it gave players with an increased vertical leap. (The ban was lifted a year later.) With those two thoughts churning in my head, I hesitantly laced up my first pair of APL's, the new Windchill running shoes ($150), and set out for a run.

After my first run with the Windchills, my two concerns were shattered. These sneakers were cool. Now considering these kicks weren't basketball shoes, and I'm definitely not in the NBA, I didn't have to worry about any bans for my vertical being too high, which by the way, it's not. But I did get to test out the "Load 'N Launch" technology, which promotes a faster run with less energy. Again, I'm no pro, so the speed element is not my strong point, but I did notice a comfortable run where my foot always felt supported and propelled.

Current Obsession: APL's Windchill Running Sneakers
(Source: APL)
Not only is it a shoe designed with speed in mind, but it's designed for the athlete's comfort, as well. FloZone construction allows for airflow throughout the shoe, making it breathable and cool—perfect for my outdoor summertime runs. Full-length open-air mesh booties keep the feet locked in, while a solid-rubber outside sole helps control strike and promote proper running. 

I've taken my pair of Windchills on outdoor runs, indoor runs, to workout classes and to brunch, and each time I feel more and more comfortable in them. From the lightweight, barely-there feel to the cushiony sole, my APL Windchills keep me lacing up. 

Athletic Propulsion Labs Windchill in Magenta, $150, at
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