Introducing Algenist: From Bio Technology to Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Introducing Algenist: From Bio Technology to Anti-Aging Breakthrough
(Photos courtesy of Algenist)

Introducing Algenist: From Bio Technology to Anti-Aging Breakthrough Introducing Algenist Skincare
There's a new skincare line on the block and it's made locally in San Francisco. Algenist, a line of anti-aging products, uses an algae derivative as its main ingredient. But unlike many products you see on the shelves, this one came around as a bit of an accident—instead of beauty experts this one has a team of scientists behind it. We chatted with the team at Algenist and they gave us the 411 on their new product.

The company originally had their attention focused on green and renewable energy. Through their testing and research, they unexpectedly discovered Alguronic Acid, the compound responsible for protecting and regenerating microalgae. The lightbulb went off and they decided to explore the product's anti-aging benefits. To their delight, in-vitro testing showed the compound increased elastin production by 32% and cellular regeneration by up to 55%. Head-to-head comparisons against leading anti-aging ingredients showed superior performance and capabilities.

Algenist has released four products with this new technology: the Concentrated Reconstructing Serum; Anti-Aging Moisturizer; Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 20 and the Complete Eye Renewal Balm. The products retail for $65 to $135 at Sephora and QVC.

We've been testing the products for a week now and we're pretty satisfied with the results. While we haven't noticed significant changes, we also haven't had any sudden breakouts or irritation. The consistency of the creams are pleasant and there are no obtrusive scents. We're also digging the minimalist lab equipment vibe of the packaging—no frills, just good product.

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We have a set including the Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, Anti-Aging Moisturizer and the Complete Eye Renewal Balm up for grabs—care of the lovely folks at Algenist. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let @StyleBistro know why you'd like to try out @Algenist_SF.
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