Helen Mirren's Tips for Staying Hot

Helen Mirren's Tips for Staying Hot Getty Images

It's no secret that Helen Mirren looks amazing in a bikini -- and not just for a woman over 60. She's still as svelte as most 30-somethings and she's not afraid to show it. Perhaps it's her confidence and sexuality that make her so hot. Or maybe she has some beauty secrets worth investigating.

Helen Mirren's Tips for Staying Hot Helen Mirren in a bikini (via DailyMail)
Mirren definitely has some tips, but we've yet to uncover any magic tricks. It seems she simply has a healthy, balanced lifestyle, which is key to looking good. The main determinants in how a person ages are their "individual characteristics and behaviors," according to the World Health Organization.

The actress say she sticks to the usual suspects, diet and exercise, but nothing too extreme. She doesn't overindulge and she makes sure to get plenty of sleep. There are, however, a couple of intriguing tidbits in her regimen. The 66-year-old beauty has mentioned four-inch stripper heels have been her go-to footwear option when she's in need of a little leg-lengthening and lift. Also, she's a firm believer in "sucking it in," her stomach that is, to help make her look taller and leaner.

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