Would You Pay $250,000 for Nail Polish?

Would You Pay $250,000 for Nail Polish?
(Photo courtesy of Azature)

Would You Pay $250,000 for Nail Polish?
Miley Cyrus wore an Azature diamond ring to The Hunger Games premiere. (Getty)
If you literally want your hands to be dripping in diamonds, fine-jewelry maker Azature—aka the "black diamond king"—has the nail polish just for you.

That is, if you're willing to pay a pretty penny for it.

The blingest polish of them all contains 267 carats of black diamonds and clocks in at a whopping $250,000 per diamond-shaped bottle—making it (not surprisingly) the most expensive nail polish on the market to date.

According to a statement, "The nail polish is offered in Azature signature black and coats on with a glittery sheen that resembles the sparkle of an Azature diamond."  

Thankfully, Azature is aware that not all of us are willing (or able for that matter) to spend, oh, just five college educations-worth on nail polish. So for $25, the brand is also releasing a similar tricked-out shade made with only one black diamond, which will be availble to Fred Segal shoppers this month.

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