Daily Beauty Buff: Get Diane Kruger's Flawless Skin

(Bauer Griffin)

Diane Kruger
Maintaining a flawless complexion isn't easy, especially if you're a celebrity. Sure, the stars all have a team of people to guarantee they look fantastic, but bright lights, stress and pounds of makeup will still take their toll. That's right, even the most pampered face can break out. Just ask Diane Kruger, who recently revealed her secret to clear skin. You're going to laugh at how easy it is:
I never go to sleep without taking off my makeup. Crazy, simple right? Well, what Diane says is true. Your skin recuperates at night and if you have makeup on, it doesn't get to do that. You could also be setting yourself up for an infection. Involuntary movement like rubbing your eyes at night could lead to irritation, especially if it was girl's night out and there was glitter involved.

Here are some tricks for clear, celebrity skin:

- Drink water! Dehydration shows on your face first. Little wrinkles and dull color are key signs that you're not getting enough agua.

- Keep a pack of makeup-remover wipes on your bedside table. There are no excuses if you can take your makeup off while lying down.

- Moisturize daily and always wear SPF 30 or more.

- Get a nighttime moisturizer or serum to give your skin an extra boost while you sleep.

You're now on the way to healthier, happier skin!

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