Would You Dress Your Baby in this Bikini Onesie?

Would You Dress Your Baby in this Bikini Onesie?
Some Mississippi parents are NOT pleased about this teeny bikini onesie that's being sold in a local Gordman's store.

It's certainly not the first time an itsy bitsy bikini is causing quite the kerfluffle on the Interwebz—Kate Upton, we're looking at you and your dance move gloriousness that brings all the boys to the yard (or, you know, to their computer screens)—and it certainly won't be the last.

The latest bathing suit buzz isn't something you'll see on the cover of Sports Illustrated. No, instead you'll find it hanging on the racks in your local Gordman's store (if you live in Southaven, MS, that is.)

A newscast out of the south is going viral today as the world argues over whether or not this baby bikini onesie, above, which is sized for 18-month-old girls, is inappropriate. Check out the video clip here.

In the vid, the news anchor says the outfit caused outrage among some members of the town. We're not sure we'd go as far to say the onesie is outrageous, but we're curious to see what you guys think. Let's put it to a vote, shall we?

Poll: Would you ever dress your baby in this teeny bikini onesie?
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  • Absolutely, yes! It's totally adorable.
  • No way! It's totally inappropriate for a baby.