Minnie Mouse Just Can't Win

Minnie Mouse Just Can't Win
(Photo courtesy of Gerlan Jeans; photo by PacificCoastNews.com)

Minnie Mouse Just Can't Win
Minnie Mouse pre-diet (Getty)

We're sad to say it, but emaciated Disney characters are officially a thing.

This time, Gerlan Jeans is the latest retailer to turn our favorite lady mouse into a Skinny Minnie.

To announce its Minnie Mouse-inspired spring 2013 collection, the denim brand released the above sketch (top left), featuring a super-stylish but frighteningly-frail look inspired by the Disney diva.

The collection is supposed to influence young women "to infuse their fashion with fun," according to a statement. Which makes us wonder, if slim cartoon stars are en vogue, what exactly is this message sending?

What's your take on the trend? Is it just fun and cute, and nothing to cause commotion over? Or this another way of peddling the idea that thin is in? Let's discuss in the comments!