Nicole Richie Thinks She Looks Like a 'Hot Mess'... Sometimes

Nicole Richie Thinks She Looks Like a 'Hot Mess'... Sometimes
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images North America)

Nicole Richie Thinks She Looks Like a 'Hot Mess'... Sometimes
Nicole Richie (Getty)
Nicole Richie already successfully launched two fashion lines—Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960. And the reality-TV-star-turned-designer is gearing up to launch her third—Impulse, a limited-edition Macy's-exclusive collection that embodies Richie's oh-so-stylish bohemian flair.

Recently, Richie sat down with the Associated Press, and dished on her, um, "hot mess" appearance, how she doesn't care if her own clothes are tattered and how "quietly grateful" she truly, truly is for your support.

Here's what we gathered from the interview, plus a few of our favorite quotes from the boho-cool Fashion Star panelist:

The pressure of being a successful fashion designer can get pretty intense: "You're only as good as your last season."

Perhaps this is the reason why we see her in sunnies and braids so often: "There are often times that I do look a hot mess and I guess I probably should work on making myself a little more put together at all times. It's a work in progress."

Holes, shmoles. She doesn't care about a rip or two in her clothes: "I never get rid of something because it's old. I wear things with holes in them like all the time."

Keep your eyes peeled when you're shopping, you never know who might be watching:
"I'm watching [customers] in the store, I can see what pieces they're wearing, I can see what they're drawn to, what people's favorite pieces are and people are always wanting to tell me a story of how they got that ring or that bracelet, or how they wear their tops or their sunglasses."

Richie is really, really thankful for your business: "It's such an honor any time I'm driving down the street or I'm at school and I see your everyday woman just wearing a piece from my collection, that's something that's so special. You know it's something that it really touches me in a way that nothing else has before because they went out and they bought that piece and I'm extremely grateful. Quietly grateful."

Are you a fan of Nicole Richie's designs—either accessories or clothing? And will you be checking out her Impulse collection when it hits Macy's stores on September 12th? Let us know in the comments below!