Coco Rocha Trademarked a Butt Slogan


In L'Oreal's brand new web series, "Hairspray Confessions," fashion writer Derek Blasberg interviews Coco Rocha and asks the supermodel about her deepest darkest secrets.

Here's one that blew our minds:

Apparently, back in Rocha's Irish-dancing days, the model created a slogan explicitly meant to be worn across the toosh. It went like this: "Irish Dancers Kick butt," that became so popular in Canada she trademarked it. Trademarked it!

"I made a slogan that you wear on butts—like dancers, 'Irish Dancers Kick Butt'—and it became a huge thing in Canada, we trademarked it," she told Blasberg.

You can even buy your very own "Irish Dancers Kick Butt" gear on Cafe Press and Dancebling.

Watch the rest of her confessions (and find out how she does her hair!) in the premiere webisode of "Hairspray Confessions," below!

What do you think of Rocha's amazingly hilarious past trademark achievements? Have you ever trademarked a funny slogan? Tell us in the comments.