President Obama's Interview with 'Glamour' Angers Republicans

President Obama's Interview with 'Glamour' Angers Republicans
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President Obama's Interview with 'Glamour' Angers Republicans
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Political pundits are all in a tizzy over President Barack Obama's most recent interview. But it wasn't a big bureaucratic debate that sent sparks flying—it was simply because the President sat down for a chat with Glamour.

According to a report in WWD, after the news broke yesterday about Obama's interview with Glamour's Cindi Leive, tongues in Washington immediately began to wag.

“Can’t wait to see what he thinks of the new fall collection. Next month, the Cosmo interview!National Review Online contributor Jim Geraghty blogged.

Most critics were upset Obama was previously on an eight-week media hiatus; upon his return to speaking with journalists, he answered to Glamour first. Others grumbled the country is in a time of turmoil, and the President has more important issues to discuss.

“[It] does open him up to fair criticism that he is avoiding the sharper questions others would pose to him,” Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren wrote on her personal website.

As WWD pointed out, Obama isn't the first president in-office to interview with Glamour. George W. Bush sat down with Leive in 2008. The magazine, which has covered political issues for years under Leive's editorial direction, also reached out to Mitt Romney's camp for questions.

We want to know, what's your take on the issue?

Do you think it's a good thing the President interviewed with a magazine that reaches 12 million of women every month? Or, as the critics note, are there more important news outlets the President should have spoken with first? Is women's media not as important?

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