Would You Buy Insurance For Your Handbag?

Would You Buy Insurance For Your Handbag?
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Would You Buy Insurance For Your Handbag?
Would you insure your handbag? (FameFlynet Pictures)
If Mariah Carey once insured her legs for $1 billion (seriously, one billion dollars), then what's so wrong with safeguarding your handbag from damage?

According to Reuters, women are in outrage over a French bank's pink-and-gold "For Her" insurance card that offers $250 in handbag-theft protection—yup, Societe Generale, one of the biggest banks in France-land, will pay cardholders $250 if their purse gets snatched.

Sure designer bags don't come cheap, so in theory the concept is brilliant... maybe? The marketers at Societe Generale, however, seem to have infringed on sexist territory by including other "female crises" in their list of insurables—the bank runs a dedicated hotline that covers up to two electrician, locksmith or other handyman calls per year.

In a statement, bank execs stated the program wasn't meant to discriminate and, in fact, claimed that 5 percent of cardholders are guys. (Gotta love a good man bag.)

What are your thoughts on the insurance policy—sexist or innocently helpful? If given the chance, would you insure your handbag? Let's discuss in the comments!