Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl Singer Beyonce hosts the screening of "Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4" at the Paris Theatre on November 20, 2011 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics »Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl This is totally not Beyonce's baby. But cute though, right?
E!Online is reporting that Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Carter have welcomed a baby girl to the world. So congratulations goes out to the couple! 

"We were so ready for this belly, and now we're so psyched to meet this baby!" gushed the report.  

Blue Ivy Carter came to this world via scheduled C-section Saturday night in a New York hospital; mother and baby are said to be doing well. This is the first child for the hip hop/R&B super couple. 

There was some confusion about the tot's name initially. Some reports suggested her name was Ivy Blue, while other reported Blue Ivy. Luckily, Gwyneth Paltrow, a close friend of the couple, cleared things up on Twitter today. "Welcome to the world, Blue," she wrote. "We love you already." And, she even answered a fan's question about the name. "It's Blue Ivy!" she added.

So now… the race is on to be the first to pay a shocking amount of money to publish photos of the child. Selling your celebrity baby photos is big business and you have to imagine an unspoken competition. How much the tabloids are willing to pay for your newborn photos very much determines the child's place in the pop culture universe.  

Will Blue Ivy dethrone Brad and Angelina's twins Knox and Vivienne, who shattered all records when People paid $14 million for first rights? And is that even fair considering there were two of them, after all. It definitely pays (literally) to have twins; J-Lo and Marc Anthony are in second place (for now), with pics of their twins fetching $6 million (also to People in 2008). 

So that means, according to my math, People spent $32 billion dollars on celebrity baby pictures in 2008. That seems reasonable, actually. Babies are really cute. 

Smart money is on B. and Jay taking the high road and not selling the pics at all. Or selling them and donating the money to one of their charities. This is music's royality we're talking about.

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