Karl Lagerfeld Interviews Himself, Joins Twitter

Karl designs for Coke Karl Lagerfeld celebrates the launch of new Coca-Cola bottles designed by him at Le Georges restaurant. (Bauer Griffin)more pics » Karl Lagerfeld Interviews Himself, Joins Twitter Karl Lagerfeld (Net-a-Porter.com) Karl Lagerfeld's exclusive collection for Net-a-Porter.com launches today, marking the first internet-only line for the eccentric German designer. To celebrate the launch, Lagerfeld gave an exclusive interview to...himself.

In a video posted to the Net-a-Porter website, Karl #1 and Karl #2 engage in a lively, occasionally testy chat while sitting on stools in a room filled with ceiling-high bookshelves. Yeah, it's just as weird and hilarious as you might imagine. Stand out moments include gems like:

Karl #1: How do we do to stay fresh and relevant?
Karl #2: (shrugs) It's a question I never ask myself.
Karl #1: (rolls eyes behind sunglasses)


Karl #1: What would you take with you on a desert island? I prefer not to go there, but it is not my problem.
Karl #2: It depends on the climate. Where the island is.
Karl #1: (long sigh)

Karl #2 does occasionally give the harried Karl #1 interviewer a few genuine answers, particularly when asked about why he thinks Net-a-Porter is an exciting venue for his Karl Line. "Today everything's about technology. The world has changed," Karl #2 replies. "Also, in terms of communication, and in terms of working, creating materials, everything has changed…I never talk about the good old days. I'm not so sure they were good, just old. I think it's very exciting." You can watch the full Karl on Karl interview here (we definitely recommend it).

And now that the Lagerfeld brand has moved online, the man himself has also joined Twitter! Karl Lagerfeld's official Twitter account only has four tweets so far, but hopefully we can look forward to 140-character versions of the flamboyantly off-the-wall sound bites that the designer is known for.
Karl Lagerfeld Interviews Himself, Joins Twitter
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