Lady Gaga Confines Her Tattoos to Her Left Side

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Lady Gaga performs at Boardwalk Hall Arena on February 19, 2011 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Getty Images)more pics » Lady Gaga Confines Her Tattoos to Her Left Side Lady Gaga (Getty)
On Tuesday, Lady Gaga paid a visit to Google, where she sat for an hour-long interview with the company's vice-president of consumer products, Marissa Mayer.

Among the many topics discussed were her vocal exercises, her favorite YouTube video ("David After Dentist") and her relationship with the paparazzi ("People who say they can't escape the parazzi are full of s**t"). Gaga also explained why she's confined her tattoos to the left side of her body.

"It was actually per my father's request," Gaga revealed. "He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal."

Gaga has undergone the ink quite a few times. There's the Rilke quote on her upper arm, a set of daisies and the words "Tokyo Love" on her shoulder, a peace sign on her wrist and a cluster of roses on her hip. Which tattoo is your favorite?

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