How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Expert tips and product picks to ensure you don't smell.

How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Deodorant is definitely one of those purse packable essentials that can surely come in handy come the next hot and humid spell. And although frequent reapplication throughout the day can surely help squash away odors and unwanted perspiration, our trusty underarm favorites can fade faster than we’d like them to. While it’s true that some deodorants pack a strong punch, it’s important to note that not all products are created equal, especially since many deodorant products address only some of patient concerns.

But before you abandon the hope of finding your perfect product match altogether, selecting the right deodorant match is possible. However, it’s important to consider a variety factors first, before hopping off to the store. To stop product fade and help you choose your best suited deodorant, here’s some expert tips and product picks to make the process a whole lot easier.

Know The Difference

Deodorant shopping can be altogether confusing, especially since there are several types of products that can get the job done. However, according to experts like Dr. David Shafer, antiperspirants and deodorants are usually the main types of products consumers encounter, being that both types of products guarantee constant under arm protection. 

But it’s surely noteworthy that while both antiperspirants and deodorants work to keep your arms fresh and dry, there usually is notable difference among the two.

“It’s important to know the difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant,” says Dr. David Shafer, double board certified plastic surgeon based in New York City. “In general, antiperspirants work by blocking sweating. Contrariwise, deodorants work by blocking secretions that lead to odors. So, a person that only wears deodorant but not antiperspirant would still sweat, but not smell as bad.”

Know When To Apply Your Deodorant

Tweaking your application time can also solve your deodorant woes, being that products like antiperspirants are best applied on at night to plug pores, and reduce constant perspiration.

“Some people apply antiperspirant before they put on their clothes, but these types of products are supposed to be applied at night,” suggests Dr. David Shafer. “People perspire less at night, so more of the antiperspirant’s aluminum-based active ingredient is pulled into the sweat ducts.”

In addition, Shafer adds that antiperspirant products help plug pores, keeping your arms dry for the next 24 hours.

“Because there's more antiperspirant present, it more effectively plugs pores,” adds Dr. Shafer. “That signals the sweat glands to reduce or stop perspiration. The effect lasts 24 hours or possibly longer, even after morning bathing.”

Apply Onto A Clean Surface 

Deodorant blunders can also be caused by failing to apply your product onto a clean surface, making it harder for your underarms to absorb the sweat busting formula. Experts like dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur find that applying on your products after showering works wonders, as the opened pores caused  from showering helps your underarms absorb any deodorant benefits better .

“Make sure you’re applying your deodorant or antiperspirant to a clean and dry surface," says Dr. Marmur. "Whether you shower in the mornings or in the evening, once you’ve toweled off and dried the area is the best time to apply. The pores open during a shower and are better equipped to absorb the ingredients." 

Check Your Expiration Dates

And for longer lasting deodorant, checking deodorant expiration dates is another crucial step, especially since most products have a shelf life for up to a year. To check dates properly, be sure to read labels properly, as most dates are easily listed on the bottom of bottles.

“Always abide by the expiration date,” suggests Dr. Ellen Marmur. “The ingredients will not be as effective if the product you’re using is passed its expiration date.”

Consider Stronger Options

But if both antiperspirants and deodorants don’t work, considering stronger options such as clinical strength formulas is always a viable option. And unlike the other deodorant products, clinical strength products contain higher concentrations of odor and sweat fighting ingredients that definitely last longer.

“Clinical strength antiperspirants are generally higher concentrations of the same incidents that are in commercial products,” explains Dr. Shafer. “Try Mitchum Clinical, which contains the maximum 20 percent aluminum zirconium, and lasts for a complete 48 hours.”

See Your Doctor For Permanent Alternatives

And more permanent alternatives are something you shouldn’t rule out either, being that lots of new FDA approved treatments can last from up to five months. Botox for example, has been proven to reduce underarm sweating dramatically, as the treatment starts working in three to five days. Before seeking out any treatment though, it's highly recommended to consult the expert opinion of any medical professional first. 

“The most common in-office treatment is Botox which is FDA approved for underarm sweating,” says Dr. Shafer. “Botox takes three to five days to start working, and generally remains effective for months.” “Most patients can stop wearing deodorant and antiperspirant while the treatment is effective.”

Purse Lifesavers

To keep your deodorant game going strong throughout the day, it’s always best to keep reinforcement products inside your bag just in case. And whether you prefer an antiperspirant or clinical strength formula, here’s four lifesaving deodorants that fit nice inside any handbag.

How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Aiming to combat excessive sweating, the DERMAdoctor MED e TATE Antiperspirant Wipes ($48) allow you to keep arms dry and refreshed with just a single swipe of each wipe. And even safe for use on the most sensitive of skin types, these dermatologist tested wipes won’t cause any irritation or irritability.

How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Providing only the most effective sweat and odor protection, the Mitchum Clinical Protection Deodorant ($9) brings up to 48 hours worth of coverage to your underarms, ensuring the strongest amount of wetness protection possible.

How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

For that portable underarm spray, the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant ($5) leaves the skin underneath your arms refreshed and smooth. And available in many sweet-smelling scents, this spray lasts for a complete 48 hours.

How To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Whatever your day brings, the Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant ($5) employs MOTIONSENSE technology to help release extra protection the more you move.