Blogger Tavi Gevinson Lands a Movie Deal

Blogger Tavi Gevinson Lands a Movie Deal
(Getty) Tavi Gevinson, teen blogger

Teen blogger Tavi Gevinson—who, at the tender age of 13 sat front-row at the Dior Couture show in Paris—has just inked a deal that will make you more jealous of her than you may or may not have been before.

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Gevinson has landed the starring role in writer-director Nicole Holofcener's new Fox Searchlight-backed movie. She'll play a character called Chloe—"an only child who never received much attention from her parents, forcing her to grow up faster than her peers."

Also attached to the film project? Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Toni Collette, James Gandolfini, and Catherine Keener.

Looks like Gevinson's got her life unfolding according to plan. In an interview with Bust Magazine, she talked about how she wanted to move to Los Angeles after high school. Looks like she'll fit right in with this role under her belt.

Are you a fan of Tavi? What do you think of her new acting role? Would you go see a movie just because she's in it? Tell us in the comments!
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