Is Blake Lively in a Fight With Chanel?

Is Blake Lively in a Fight With Chanel?
(PacificCoastNews) Blake Lively at Good Morning America last month

Is Blake Lively in a fight with Chanel?

According to a report in this morning's New York Post, the Gossip Girl actress has recently altered her allegiance—from Chanel to Gucci. A recent Chanel handbag ambassador—she appeared in the luxury French fashion house's ads last year—Lively was noticeably absent from the recent Chanel Haute Couture fashion show in Paris and was spotted wearing a yellow Gucci dress at the premiere of most recent movie, Savages.

"Blake is still an ambassador to Chanel and regularly keeps in touch with designer Karl Lagerfeld," a source told the Post. "She was invited to the couture show but couldn't make it because she was promoting Savages"—yeah, and Gucci, too!—"She still wears Chanel whenever she can."

What do you think of Lively switching sides—going from Chanel to Gucci? Do you think she's more of a Gucci girl or more of a Chanel girl? Which would you rather be—a Gucci girl or a Chanel girl? Vote here:

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