Roberto Cavalli Delivered His Dog Rosa's Puppies

(Bauer Griffin)

Roberto Cavalli is a man of many talents—such as: making cocktails with a parrot and delivering puppies. Yes, delivering puppies.

Fashionista reported that yesterday, Cavalli delivered his beloved Yorkshire Terrier Rosa's four pups—while on a boat. The designer gave readers a detailed play-by-play:

"I learn from my vet how to cut the umbilical cord and what to do with the placenta… but nature is amazing! Rosa was very good and she followed the voice of God and learned quickly."


"August 13… afternoon… I am resting on my bed… we are sailing between Menorca and Mallorca… I am petting Rosa who is beside me… when, suddenly, I feel a tiny newcomer in my hand…!" he wrote.

You might be wondering: what about the puppy daddy? Well, his name is Shane, and according to Rosa and Shane's love story on Cavalli's blog, Shane's quite the romantic:

"I ran to the boat to get Rosa and we introduce her to Shane. At the beginning Rosa is very intimidated by Shane’s impetuousness. His special attentions soon soften the situation."

He also described the dogs' wedding night (yes, they got married).

"We feel like parents, waiting for our young lady to lose her virginity! It is a fun experience—only those who have dogs they love can understand these emotions!"


A hearty mazel to Rosa and her puppy-daddy and hubby Shane!