Is the HoodiePillow the New Pajama Jeans?

Is the HoodiePillow the New Pajama Jeans?(via

Things we didn't know we needed until right now: the HoodiePillow—a hoodie and a, uh, pillow rolled into one!

If you like things on your head—okay, we admit it, having things on our heads imparts and oddly comforting, warm feeling—enjoy soft fleecy sweatshirt material, and love a cushy pillow, then this might just be the thing for you.

The so-simple-we-can't-believe-we-didn't-think-of-it-first hat/headreast contraption provides the "ultimate cocoonification," according to the product website:
It supplies warmth, quiet, focus, and a healthy sleep environment. Whether you’re browsing the Interwebs, curling up with a good book, dozing on the couch, watching TV, gearing up for some concentrated study or simply looking to get some uninterrupted shut-eye, the HoodiePillow pillowcase is the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience.
The machine-washable pillowcase comes in five classic hoodie colors—red, black, gray, blue, and carnation pink. And, at $19.95, it won't break the bank—get one in every color!

What do you think about the HoodiePillow? Would you ever use one?
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