See Pictures of Jennifer Garner's Engagement Ring

Bennifer 2.0: Is it really over?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America

Last week the entertainment world was hit with some seriously drastic news – the breakup of yet another Bennifer. Yes, after 10 years of happily wedded bliss (or so we thought... and which I'm sure you've heard, unless you've pretty much been living under a rock), Bennifer 2.0, aka Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, announced their divorce on June 30th. Oddly enough, the announcement of impending relationship doom came a day after their 10-year marriage anniversary.

The two have agreed to an amicable split and promise to "go forward with love and friendship for [each other] and a commitment to co-parenting [their] children." Sorry not sorry, but this provides little consolation to the trail of broken hearts across the country as one of Hollywood's most adorable (and pleasantly low-key) couples calls it quits.

But can we be so sure it's really over? This is where the two threw a wrench in the works: Both have been spotted still wearing their engagement rings after the official split announcement this past weekend. So what's really going on here, Ben and Jen?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America
Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America