Alvin Valley's Back With All New Pants

Alvin Valley's Back With All New Pants
(Getty Images) The designer in 2007

Time was when Alvin Valley was one of the biggest names on the New York fashion scene—his celebrity-studded shows were some of the hottest tickets in town and every top editor had a wardrobe chock-full of the designer's famous trousers. Yes, trousers.

"They just had a nice cut," Alexandra Von Furstenberg (yes, of The Von Furstenbergs) told yesterday's New York Times. "They hugged you so that you felt sexy enough, but not too showy."

Sadly, after Alvin Valley's company was acquired a few years ago, production on his eponymous collection stopped. And the fashion world was left, bereft of pants.

But hey, good news! Valley is back—he's just launched and is selling his iconic pants in a variety of silhouettes. There are high-waisted pants, skinny work-appropriate pants, wide waist bands, narrow waist bands, two-tone pants, super-high pants—anything you can imagine! The new Alvin Valley pants colleciton will retail from $195 to $335—nearly half the price of his previous pants, which were priced from $325 to $800.

Are you a pants lover and were you a fan of Alvin Valley's pants before the designer closed shop a few years ago? We're so excited to see him back on the fashion scene! And we're so excited to try his new pants! They're legendary.

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