Gant Rugger's Foodie-Inspired Fall Campaign

Gant Rugger's Foodie-Inspired Fall Campaign
(Courtesy of Gant)

Gant Rugger's fall 2012 campaign combines three of our favorite things: fashion, food, and good-looking men.

For its autumn ads, the preppy vintage-inspired menswear label recruited some of NYC's top foodies—Phil Winser and Ben Towill of New York City restaurant The Fat Radish—to appear in its campaign.

“I love to cook and this collection is really about how cooking and making clothes overlap,” said Christopher Bastin, Gant's Creative Director.

“Both require intelligent sourcing, a good sense of the past, and a finished product that’s honest but not flashy... Phil and Ben are not only handsome devils, but also specialize in food that is simple, comforting and expertly prepared. It was an ideal match.”

To stay true to the campaign's theme, a denim apron and a chef’s knife created in collaboration with Wildlife Cutlery in Portland, Oregon will be sold alongside the clothing.

Here's another image from the campaign:
Gant Rugger's Foodie-Inspired Fall Campaign                                       (Courtesy of Gant)

Want more? Check out the rest of the campaign, which launched on Gant Rugger's website today.

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