This is What James Bond Smells Like

This is What James Bond Smells Like
(courtesy of Getty Images and wonder what sexy smells like all bottled up? You'll soon have an answer—next month, a James Bond 007 fragrance will launch exclusively at Harrods in London.

The fragrance was created in honor of the spy franchise's 50th anniversary and the premiere of the 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall, which is scheduled to hit theaters this November.

Targeted at guys “in their 20s and 30s who love Bond, who love adventure, gadgets, travel and being a man’s man with style and sophistication," according to Bill Brace, vice president of fashion brands for P&G Prestige, the scent features fruity and spicy top-and-mid-notes of apple, cardamom, sandalwood, and vetiver and a drydown of lavender, moss, and coumarin—a synthetic compound that smells a little like hay. Yes, hay.

Lavender, apple, and hay? That's not what we imagined Bond would smell like.

"I would say James Bond smells like the leather interior of an Aston Martin," says our office-mate Sean—a guy in his 20s and 30s who's the target market for this scent, "after it's been doused with sex, gun smoke, aftershave and a lot of vodka."

That sounds about right, right? But some of the other guys in our office had other ideas.

"'[He'd smell like] a new pair of loafers splashed with vodka," says Zimbio Associate Editor Adam. "And a Beretta—like clean steel."

But what about the ladies? After all, Bond was a notorious womanizer.

"James Bond was such a ladies man," says Associate Editor Darrick. "By night's end he probably smelled like the dozen or so women who threw themselves at him. If the people behind the 007 cologne want to go the easy way, they should just blend a bunch of perfumes and put it in a bottle shaped like a tuxedo, Aston Martin, or Walther PPK. It'll smell terrible, but you can't really argue about its accuracy."

Well, there you have it.

The James Bond 007 scent will debut at Harrods on August 15th and will arrive Stateside this September.

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