Egypt's Olympians Given Counterfeit Nike Gear

Egypt's Olympians Given Counterfeit Nike Gear
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Egyptian athletes are starting off the Olympics on the wrong foot.

According to the Telegraph, the Egyptian Olympic Committee (EOC) provided the team with counterfeit Nike uniforms. Reportedly, EOC's chosen vendor supplied the fake brand-name duds.

Egyptian synchronized swimmer, Yomna Khallaf, confirmed on her Twitter that the uniform was fake: "The bags, for example, have big Nike logo in the front and the zippers are Adidas," she posted on her account.

Because of the embarrassing slip-up, Egyptian team members each face more than $300 in expenses to replace the faulty gear.

Khallaf also commented on her account, "its so frustrating that we had to pay extra 2000 pounds to have other proper stuff to wear so that we can look okay—not even good."

Thankfully, the real Nike came to the rescue and is replacing the gear.

"On July 20, 2012, Nike also sent a written communication to the EOC requesting the committee to take immediate action. To date, we have not received a response," Nike said in a statement. "We believe this issue with the EOC is an isolated incident. Nike consistently acts to protect its brand and actively engages with law enforcement agencies and Customs authorities to stop counterfeit product reaching consumers and athletes."

Yesterday, Khaliaf tweeted that the EOC has decided to re-order the uniforms and gear from Nike UK:

Egypt's Olympians Given Counterfeit Nike Gear
The EOC confirmed this via Twitter as well:
Egypt's Olympians Given Counterfeit Nike Gear

Moral of the story, when it comes to counterfeit, just don't do it.

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