Videos of the Day: 10 Patriotic Nail DIYs for the Fourth of July

Videos of the Day: 10 Patriotic Nail DIYs for the Fourth of July

If you can't resist the urge to pay your patriotic sartorial dues this Fourth of July (but can't stomach the idea of wearing head-to-toe red, white, and blue) nail art may be the way to go. 

We've compiled ten absurd and awe-inspiring nail art videos that'll help you DIY your way to July 4th awesomeness. Here they are!

(Note: Try to ignore some of the spooky narrators, they gave us the heeby jeebies, too.)

The Standard American Flag

We came across a lot of flag nails during our search, but these were by far the cleanest and cutest! You can also recycle them for the Olympics in a few weeks to show your USA pride. 

Red White and Blue Crackle On a Fake Finger

We've seen a lot in our internet days, but never a fake finger (!). The crackle nails are an okay choice, since they're different from standard flag nails, but keep in mind that crackle was trendy (and, subsequently, not trendy) a year ago.

Red, White, and Blue Marble

Another way to incorporate red, white, and blue without doing a flag, stripes, or stars is with this marble design. Forget July 4th,—we want to try this with other colors the rest of summer. 

Hot Dog

What's our favorite part of this holiday you ask? Barbeques. Specifically, hot dogs. So dump the red, white, and blue and show your holiday spirit with what this holiday is really about—grilling, of course. 

Ice Cream Cones

Another one of our favorite July 4th food traditions is ice cream—specifically ice cream cones. Show your support for the most nostalgic dessert (and, we guess, our country) with these red, white, and blue ice cream cone nails. Props if you can actually reacreate them, this design looks pretty difficult.


Like Katy Perry sings, "Baby, you're a firework!" And what better way to show off your fierwork-y self than on the night they're booming through the sky? These nails seem simple enough, as long as you have a striper and a steady hand. 

Nautical Nails

Anchors away! If you're a sailor, this design is for you. If not, then the nautical look is definitely in this summer, and these nails are definitely adorable. 


Show your love for America and our troops with a red, white, and blue camo! Plus, the tricks you learn from this DIY can help you if you ever feel like doing a non-red-white-and-blue camo come fall. 


It is summer, which means, you should be swimming. If you are a hardcore nail art beast, this design might just be for you. Plus, nothing says old-school Americana better than a retro swimsuit! 

Hello Kitty?

Sure, why not?