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Katie Willcox (Cont.)
What advice do you have for other moms trying to juggle it all?

KW: Just know it is a shit show for all of us too! You won't ever have it all figured out but at the same time it works out! Take it day by day and make sure that you are taking time for self-care.

Our motto at Livingly is “Life life beautifully,” what does living life beautifully mean to you?

I used to think I needed success and to achieve a lot in order to feel fulfilled. Now I am realizing that is not a tangible reality and the key to fulfillment isn't to need more but to be grateful for what you have now.  I look at my beautiful family and feel like the luckiest human on earth. Happiness to me has become about the connection I have with my husband and daughter and the good work I can do here as a woman who is loved.