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30 Bold Women You Probably Don't Know About, But Should

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This month's theme at Livingly is daring women. When you think of daring women, names that come to mind are probably that of Hillary Clinton, Cleopatra, and even Beyonce. But, while each of these women had — and are still having — a profound effect on the world, there are so many other women who have also made huge a impact. Although some of these names you might recognize (and if you do, that's great) some names might go totally over your head. Because of that, because these women deserve to have their contributions recognized, they're on our list.

Of course, this isn't a complete collection, and as long as there are women willing to take a stand, it never will be. But that's how we want it. Once women stop making a splash by rocking the boat, then we've given up. Let these ladies be your inspiration.