7 Ways To Turn a Breakup Into Something Better

Breakups are never easy, but they do make you stronger.

No matter who pulls the plug on a relationship, breaking up is hard. And, unfortunately, they’re a part of life that everyone, and I mean everyone, has experienced at some point in their life. It also seems that no matter how many breakups you have, they never get any easier. While the intensity of pain may be different from the ones before, as is the sense of loss, they’re all still awful in their own way. But they don’t have to be.

As much as it might kill you in the moment to do so, you can actually take that breakup and put a positive spin on it. You can make yourself grow and learn, and finally do all that crazy stuff you never thought you’d do. In other words, a breakup is just a new chapter in your life, so here are seven ways to turn it into something better.

1. Get the hell out of dodge.

My number one cure after a breakup is to get the hell out of town. I like to sublet my apartment, pack up my stuff, and just go away. Thanks to past breakups I’ve seen most of Europe, and thanks this current breakup, I’ll finally make it to Costa Rica and Asia. I’ll also be doing it on my terms, without having to adhere to the itinerary of a partner, which is going to be amazing.

Even if you’re not in the position to sublet your apartment or home for an extended period of time, at least go away for a long weekend. It’s always best to leave the familiar place that reminds you of your ex for pastures that aren’t riddled with memories.

2. Get a makeover.

7 Ways To Turn a Breakup Into Something Better

I once read that one of the major reasons Lenny Kravitz cut his famous dreads so many years ago was because he feels that you hold a lot of energy in your hair. I’m not sure how much I believe that entirely, but it always resonated with me. While I won’t be cutting my hair this time around because I’m growing it out for Locks of Love, cutting and dying my hair was always my go-to after a breakup. It wasn’t that I was trying to escape who I am; I just felt that change in all corners of my life was a good thing.

3. Do something you thought you’d never do.

7 Ways To Turn a Breakup Into Something Better

I had a friend who, after a bad breakup, went skydiving. It was something that she never considered before in her life, but randomly came up with the idea on a whim. She said that sense of falling from the sky felt like she was somehow falling out of the negative place her breakup had left her in and it made her feel alive in ways she didn’t know possible. If skydiving seems a bit much for you, then you could always get a tattoo, or your nose pierced, or even just dance on a bar some night after a few too many drinks.

4. Try something new.  

Whether it’s a cooking class, or joining a bowling league, or actually getting off the couch and socializing more, do it. Not only does it help to form new connections, but you’ll also learn something new, which always comes with a sense of accomplishment. You've been meaning to host more dinner parties this season anyway, right? So a cooking class is exactly what you need.

5. Indulge in all your new alone time.

You know what sorts of things I do with my new alone time? I fart when I want, I eat pizza on my couch in my undies while watching bad TV, and now when I pick at my pores, which I love to do, I do it with the bathroom open, because whatever. I have my space back, and I plan to enjoy it. You should, too.

6. Put your energy into other things.

This can mean many things! You can give your apartment a makeover, start writing a novel, finally read all of Proust just like you’ve been meaning to, or simply work on you by doing what makes you happiest. If you love to collect stamps, volunteer at animal shelters, or enter food eating contests, then the time is now.

7. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

7 Ways To Turn a Breakup Into Something Better

The best way to turn a breakup into something is better is by chalking it up to a lesson that you needed to learn and you did. Breakups may feel like the end of the world while we’re in them and in the weeks and months that follow, but in the end you’re better for them. In other words, you’ll never make the mistake of falling in love with a penniless, lazy Parisian again. Oh, wait; that’s just me.