11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

There’s nothing in the world more annoying than unfairly being labeled “crazy."

There’s nothing in the world that annoys me more than being labeled “crazy” by a guy. Every man I have ever dated, since I first started dating in high school, has called me crazy at one point or another. And while, yes, I have had some theatrical moments that could have been dubbed “crazy,” I think on a scale from totally sane to actual insanity, my “craziness,” has been far closer to sane than anything else.

The problem is that some guys are so quick to label a woman “crazy,” when they don’t understand why we’re acting a certain way or, more specifically, reacting to something they’ve done to piss us off… again.

And what these guys don’t seem to get is that women who express their emotions, are upfront about their feelings, and maybe even throw a shoe at our partner’s head aren’t crazy at all. In fact, we’re actually very human, and if guys could let go and succumb to their emotions, they’d see how freeing it all is. Of course, if guys did do that, they wouldn’t be called crazy; they’d just be called guys. Gotta love that double standard!

Here are 11 things a guy will call you crazy for, even though none of it is crazy at all.

1. Over-analyzing everything and anything.

11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

Not to stereotype my own gender, but we really love to analyze and over-analyze everything. From texts to emails to a shift of the eyes to the brush of his arm against ours, we examine and analyze it all over and over. And if we come up with something that seems like a brilliant interpretation from all that examining and analyzing, it doesn’t stop us from digging even deeper. It’s part of our charm.

2. Getting angry when we’re not listened to or are ignored.

There’s nothing more annoying than being ignored. So, if in being ignored, we get pissed off and make that anger known, we shouldn’t automatically get the “crazy” label. Instead we should be accepted for being honest about our feelings.

3. Crying out of frustration or when we’re overwhelmed.

11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

True story: Crying is a very human emotion. People cry when they’re happy, when they’re sad, when they’re confused, when they’re lost, when they’re disappointed, and for hundreds of other reasons. To cry, for whatever the reason, isn’t crazy. It’s called being alive.

4. Slamming doors and locking ourselves in the bathroom when we’re pissed.

So, if I’m to understand this correctly, slamming doors and wanting to get away from an aggravating situation is crazy? OK. Then what does it mean to want to stay there and just let all that aggravation wreck havoc on our bones? I’d say the latter is far more crazy.

5. Expressing our disappointment when we’re disappointed.

Honestly, if someone is disappointed and instead of expressing it, they go about smiling and accepting the fact that they’ve been failed by someone, then that’s a problem. No one should have to feel like they need to keep their disappointment to themselves and no one should shame someone for being vocal about it either.

6. Indulging in the occasional online stalking.

11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has online stalked someone at some point, whether it’s an ex, a current partner, or a current partner’s ex. Is that crazy? Not in the slightest. In fact, it’s more common than not.

7. Getting unnecessarily jealous.

Jealousy is a human trait. While levels of jealousy differ and fluctuate, it’s still a natural response that people have to certain situations. As long as the jealousy doesn’t result in physical abuse in any way, a little jealousy is actually healthy, from an evolutionary perspective, and is hardly crazy.

8. Giving an excessively long cold shoulder.

Is it crazy to not want to talk to someone for hours or days who has hurt you? No. Everyone needs a break and taking time away from the person who’s angered you is healthier than nit-picking and fighting all the time.

9. Calling or texting over and over until we get an answer.

11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

If someone was raised right, then they should have a basic understanding that if you don’t respond to someone they have every right to text and call until they get an answer. In trying to track someone down for a response, you’re not crazy; you’re just expecting some basic manners.  

10. Freaking the eff out when we’re hurt.

Throwing a fit, tossing our partner’s favorite sweater out the window, slamming every door in the house, screaming at the top of our lungs, and telling someone to go eff themselves because we’ve been hurt isn’t crazy. In fact, it’s probably the sanest reaction to pain. Not freaking out and letting things just slide is craziness.


11. Crying some more.

11 Things That Make You Seem Crazy To A Guy (But Actually Aren't)

Crying doesn’t make a woman crazy! Crying makes us human! If any guy tries to tell you differently, then he’s the crazy one!