7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

Common sense seems to go right out the window when it's new.

7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

Common sense seems to go right out the window when you get into a new relationship. Your palms get sweaty, your heart starts spinning like it's Maria in the Alps, and you seem to lose all common sense. And since you're so smitten, you tend to overlook a lot you shouldn't - or do something that's way, way out of character. But that's what love does to ya.

Below are the 7 ridiculous things we've all done for the person we like. Because when your heart flutters, there are no rules. 

1. Make Life Harder for Yourself

7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

Do they want to meet across town? While there's rush hour traffic? And the bus won't come for another 40 minutes? And it's raining and hailing all at the same time? No problem, you'll just battle the elements right quick and show up at the bar exhausted, broke, and wet if you have to. Because you like them and you want to not miss the opportunity to see them, no matter how inconvenient. Ya romantic fool, you. 

2. Ask For Check-Ins, Even If It's For Two Minutes

7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

You know how you want to bury yourself under the blankets with your heart exploding when you get that, "Hey beautiful" text in the morning? Instant and total mood lifter. Like you can practically float to the bathroom to brush your teeth after that. Same goes for any other quick check-ins like "How's your day going?" "Did you find anything good to eat for lunch?" or "How did that presentation go?"

Just the fact that he or she is thinking of you at that moment makes your heart do a slow spin and fall in your chest. And you just can't help doing it back.

3. Ignore Their Flaws

So he has 12 roommates and doesn't seem in a hurry to open a checking account? So what, who cares? You're perfectly okay picking up the tab at Taco Bell. Or what does it matter all he wants do is watch movies in the darkness of his living room? If even going out for dinner gets transformed into ordering takeout, it's because he doesn't want to waste time not being snuggled up to you, right?

Maybe. But probably not. But when you have a crush, everything gets explained away by those hearts in your eyes. It's okay because you wise up sooner or later, but during those moments your guy can do no wrong. 

4. Force Yourself To Be Into Their Interests

Say your new love is super into the punk scene and you, well, haven't picked up an album of that sort since you were in high school and learned how to use a heavy hand with eyeliner. But now you found yourself adding Doc Martens into your wardrobe rotation and keep ending up in the middle of mosh pits on Wednesday nights when, really, you should be catching up on Downtown Abbey. It's crazy.

But falling in love usually is. Sigh. Keep that eyeliner around, girl.

5. Plan Every. Single. Outfit.

7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

It doesn't matter if you're just coming over to watch old '90s movies or are meeting him and a bunch of his friend at a dive bar for some chicken wings - you're going to deck yourself out like your Princess Di going to a ball.

Makeup will be flawless, hair will be agonized over, jeans and sweater combos will be weighed and tossed out like you're trying to decide on which gown to zip up. It's going to be intense. But so, so worth it when they see you. 

6. Go Into Debt

Oh, does your new interest just love a good whiskey bar? A good whiskey bar that serves drinks in small Dixie cups that cost cost the same as a steak. No worries, that's what payday is for right? Hey, as long as they're holding your hand that sting from an empty wallet dulls away.

7. Forget About Your Friends

7 Ridiculous Things We've All Done In a New Relationship

This is the worst one, but it's true. Once you find yourself a babe to hang out with, your friends take the back burner. After all, they're not the ones that offer to make out with you right? So instead you fill your weekends with cuddling and movie-going, and text your friends in between bathroom breaks. It's a good thing they love you...and have an infinite amount of patience.

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