10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day gets a lot of flak for being a Hallmark holiday, but I've always loved any excuse to celebrate, well, love. Besides, you don't have to spend a ton to do something special with your someone special.

1. Re-Enact Your First Date

Make a return to the restaurant, bar or coffee shop where you first met, had your first kiss or your first date. Bonus points if you visit all three.

2. Hold a Themed Movie Marathon

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Foreign films, rom-coms, oscar winners—make it a date! On your couch.

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Forget the restaurants and challenge yourself with making a fancy pinterest-worthy meal in your own kitchen. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, sign up for a cooking class to learn something new.

4. Snap Through a Roll of Film

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

That's right, real film. Use an old camera that's been lying around or buy a disposable and document your weekend.

5. Go Wine Tasting

Visit a scenic winery or have your own tasting at home with a cheese platter and a few bottles you've never tried. Not a big wino? Make some fancy cocktails (with or without the alcohol).

6. Throw it Back

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Think of your go-to high school date ideas and hit the roller rink, go iceskating, bowl, play mini golf! You'll laugh at yourselves and have a blast.

7. Have an Art Night

Get creative with painting, pastels, pottery...the options are endless and you'll wind up with some cute momentos at the end of the night.

8. Visit the Aquarium

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Because watching jelly fish and petting star fish never gets old.

9. Go Vintage

Hit up old town and dig around some vintage shops for cute decor and accessories. Stop by the ice cream parlor or get a milkshake at a diner before heading home.

10. Get Away

10 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

If you're lucky enough to have President's Day off from work, why not take advantage of the long weekend with a little Airbnb vacay. Check out a city you've never been to or get nostalgic and return to spot with meaningful memories. If you're looking to save money, simply take a road trip for the day and see where you wind up.

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