Dating Dealbreaker: Grills

Dating Dealbreaker: Grills
Ryan Lochte is golden. His grill? Not so much. (Pacific Coast News)
Dating Dealbreaker: Grills
Ryan Lochte wears his now infamous American Flag grill. (PacificCoastNews)
Although Nelly once sang, "My mouth piece simply symbolize success," we at StyleBistro beg to differ.

Look fellas, while we totally get your appreciation for the finer things in life, the fact is, diamonds and precious metals look better on our wrists or in our ears than they do in your mouth.

At best, wearing a grill might make you look like you forgot to take off your Crest Whitestrips. At worst, they resemble a mouth full of metal braces or, scarier still, fangs.

And according to the American Dental Association, they can seriously jack up your pearly whites if you wear them too long. Are gum disease, cavities or bone loss ever a good look? Correct answer: No. 

Disclaimer: Considering not even this painfully hilarious video could dissuade us from dating Ryan Lochte, we wouldn't exactly turn him down because of the grill. But how much cuter is he without it?

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