Dating Dealbreaker: Colorful Shades

Dating Dealbreaker: Colorful Shades
Cash Warren, Darren Criss, Justin Bieber (Getty, Flynet Pictures)

Dating Dealbreaker: Colorful Shades
Somewhere under those yellow shades and fake beard lies Katy Perry's ex husband. (Pacific Coast News)
A wise friend once said to me, "When I see a guy wearing bright shades, I already know everything I need to know about him."

Like a slightly subtler form a peacocking, wearing neon shades is an obvious cry for attention.

With a wide array of really flattering shades available to men (classic wayfarers and aviators, to name a couple), when a man reaches for his purple, yellow or pink sunnies, it's essentially the fashion equivalent of waving a "Look at me! Look at me!" flag—all over his face.

While some might argue willingness to rock pastel sunglasses shows a sense of confidence, may we suggest, in lieu of day-glo, to try a few other ways to display self-assurance, namely:

1. Approach a female and strike up an actual conversation with her.
2. Dress classy, not flashy.
3. Follow this little one's lead (Okay, don't really. But how cute is she?).

What do you think? Are neon shades a do or a don't? Cast your vote and leave a comment below!
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