5 Style Resolutions Every Guy Needs to Make

5 Style Resolutions Every Guy Needs to Make
Criss Angel, Tom Brady, Colin Farrell (Getty, PacificCoast News)

Throughout 2012, many trends caused us to raise our eyebrows okay fine–throw up in our mouths a little. And while the list of style transgressions made by the menfolk seems to be endless (like, seriously endless), there were 5 no-nos that really stood out to StyleBistro readers. So listen up dudes: Here are the top 5 resolutions you need to make to avoid offending our eyes in 2013. Say them aloud if it helps.

1. I vow not to ever wear toe shoes. Ever. In fact, 82% of StyleBistro readers polled voted strongly against the look of the creepy robo feet.

2. I resolve to throw away any Affliction apparel I own, because let's be honest here. I am not a cage fighter and nothing bedazzled ever made a man look tougher.

3. I will grow out or cut off my bowl cut. Just because Rider Strong rocked the look back in the '90s does not give me permission to bring the style back.

4. I promise to never, ever borrow my girlfriend or wife's headband again. Tom Brady can't work the look, nor can I.

5. The Olympics are so 2012 and grills are so...well, never. So next time I feel like pulling a Ryan Lochte, I will swim some laps and save the diamond jewelry for my significant other.

Which trend are you most ready to see die in 2013? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments below!

Poll: Which trend do you hope dies in 2013?
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  • Toe Shoes
  • Affliction Shirts
  • Bowl Cuts
  • Headbands
  • Grills

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