Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
Dita Von Teese (Getty Images)

Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Dita Von Teese
Three words: Dita Von Teese. Not only does our latest celebrity guest editor have the sexiest name on earth, but she just might be the most glamorous denizen in the Hollywood pantheon. With her glossy noir locks, crimson lips, cat eyes and beauty mark, the burlesque goddess is the epitome of a Hollywood siren whether she's wearing a couture gown or just a tres chic coat over fabulous (we're guessing) lingerie.

With her jet-setting schedule and a new signature scent, Dita was gracious enough to sit down with StyleBistro and give us the goods on just exactly how she manages to look perfectly polished and downright vixen-like every single day. Check out our exclusive interview with Dita Von Teese!

Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest EditorStyleBistro: It's pretty spectacular that you never deviate from your signature retro glamour. But if you were to try something totally different fashion-wise, what might it be?
Dita Von Teese: "Hard to imagine...although I do admire other people's style, I know better than to try it. If I had to pick someone else's style I would emulate, I would choose someone extremely eccentric, like Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi or The Marchesa Casati. Anything less would be too boring!"

SB: What are your most treasured pieces in your wardrobe?
DVT: "Aside from my stage costumes, I have a few things I treasure, like my 1954 Dior Haute Couture New Look tweed suit, a Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture gown of silk bias cut velvet and handmade silk roses, victorian netting....but aside from the extravagant, there are also pieces I wear over and over again, like my Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress, my favorite Louboutins, my Dior coat."

SB: What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?
DVT: "My coats. I have lots of beautiful winter and fall coats. A fabulous coat makes it easy to be glamorous, in fact, sometimes I just throw a great coat and heels on, with nothing underneath to run out to the store. It feels sexy and any time I've been snapped by the paparazzi they always say how "put together" I am...so it's all about having a great coat! I also love it when stocking weather arrives, I LOVE wearing stockings so much, I even have my own signature brand which are "fully-fashioned", and made on the exact same mills as there were in the 1940s."

SB: Where do you like to shop?
DVT: "I love this event called the Vintage Clothing Expo in Santa Monica, it happens twice a year. I have favorite vintage shops in LA, like The Way We Wore. I go to antique flea markets on sundays too. As far as new-retailers, I usually buy a few important designer pieces in the fall/winter from designers Roland Mouret, Elie Saab, Moschino and Louis Vuitton. My summer look is all about vintage sundresses, and my fall look is about fab coats, curvaceous suits, and shapely dresses made from nice heavy fabrics, paired with over the elbow leather and suede gloves. I don't change my standards much, because they always come back!"

SB: Describe your dream outfit and, tell us, where would you go to wear it?
DVT: "There's a dress I wore once from Jean Paul Gaultier's "Hussard" Haute couture collection, and I got to wear it twice, but I constantly fantasize about owning that dress! It's been haunting me for about a decade! I still think it's the loveliest dress I've ever seen, and if I can ever afford it, I need to try to buy it! But you know, just one of these gowns cost more than most luxury cars! I think I would just be wearing that dress once a year, every year, for whatever. I like to be overdressed. I don't need an occasion, the occasion is life! I think I'd quite like it if they said "oh, she wearing that dress again!" I hate that dumb Hollywood rule about wearing something only once!"

Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest EditorSB: Obviously you take incredible care of yourself. What skin and hair care products do you swear by?
DVT: "I am obsessed with Obliphica's hair care line. I've tried a lot of expensive shampoos, and I usually only use drugstore shampoos, but this brand changed my hair's life! I usually buy my suncare SPF products in japan because they make really silky sunscreens. I like the Dior Snow UV protect makeup base the best. It's silky and light and has ultra-high sun protection. I use a lot of Dior and Darphin products, but ultimately, money is best spent seeing a good dermatologist. Mine isn't a Hollywood bigshot botox-doctor, he's a real doctor who helps me with skincare problems and concerns, and isn't trying to sell me on lasers and expensive stuff. He also tells me to use whatever moisturizer I like the texture and scent of, so that's what I do. I love La Mer. I like the texture, the scent...is is a miracle cream? Probably not. But it sure smells and feels nice. But there are lots of fabulous creams and products in the drugstore that I also use. I'm a beauty junkie, and so I'm going to get into all the $$$ options vs the cheapie items I love in my upcoming beauty book."

SB: As fair-skinned gals ourselves, we sometimes envy the camouflaging benefits of a suntan. But you're flawless! Have you ever experimented with body makeup?

DVT: "I use body makeup for my shows, of course! I have this crazy mix of about four different types that equal a type of pearly giant martini-glass-proof spackle, and I can't really advise it for the average woman! I diligently use sunscreen, wear big vintage straw hats and carry parasols. Glamour and function! I did get caught in the sun earlier this year and got a pretty bad burn, I had to go to the dermatologist, and he gave me a real stern talking to! I actually have nightmares about getting a tan. I'm not kidding."

Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest EditorSB: We want to look both sexy and stylish in our lingerie—like you. What particular styles and brands do you recommend?
DVT: "Mostly I recommend shopping with the understanding that fit, beauty, glamour and function are altogther attainable. Why buy ugly bras for comfort? It's not necessary anymore. With the right guidance and the right eye you can kill two birds with one stone and have your everyday bras also be your hot-date lingerie! Always buy two pairs of matching panties for each bra, one thong, one brief. Every woman should have one perfect black lace set with the thong, brief or panty and a garterbelt! I have my own line of lingerie out in early 2012, and I'm really excited to have designed beautiful, well-fitting affordable lingerie. My other favorite lingerie designers are Chantal Thomass, Damaris and Fifi Chachnil."

SB: You have an incredible knack for making a vintage aesthetic feel modern and sexy. What are your tips for achieving the perfect balance?
DVT: "Wear new, good quality shoes and bags with your vintage and have everything tailored to fit. You shouldn't ever expect a vintage dress--or any dress, for that matter---to fit perfectly just off the rack. Perfect tailoring makes all the difference."

SB: What item of clothing will we never catch you wearing?

DVT: "Jeans. Ugg boots. Crocs."

SB: Tell us about your new fragrance.

DVT: "I worked with the noses in France for over a year to come up with the perfect fragrance. They didn't really expect me to march in there and get so hands on...apparently most celebs just sniff the top 10 that did well in focus groups and sign off on one so they can rake in the cash, but I can't do that. I need to proudly wear everything I put my name on, and I like to be involved in the process of creation. I'm proud of the bottle, the photos which were taken by Ali Mahdavi. And the fragrance is lovely, it's a chypre floral, with rare Bulgarian Rose at the heart, notes of elegant peony, tiare flower, sparkling Bourbon pepper, and smoky gaiac wood to create warmth and mystery. I didn't want any sweetness, I wanted to make a perfume for a femme fatale, a woman who revels in the ritual of being a woman. I'm already asking when I can do the next one, I just loved spending time with the perfumers and learning about what things are in my favorite scents and how to make them into something new. It was an amazing experience."

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Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
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