Food Is Healing
"In my private acupuncture practice of over 11 years I utilized diet and the healing properties of food to support my patient’s overall health. After leading retreats where I incorporated live raw organic food, juicing, yoga, and detoxification techniques, I was astounded by the dramatic results I saw in my patients. Energy increased, more mental clarity, pain reduction, and a sense of overall wellbeing inspired me to start Urban Remedy. I continually heard people didn't have the time to shop, wash, chop and prepare these healthy foods so I created Urban Remedy to make eating healthy easy and accessible. I wanted to create recipes that not only taste amazing but makes people feel even better. Everything we make is organic, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free — which I like to think of as a 'food safety zone.' Additionally, our food contains no artificial sweeteners, white sugar, flour or preservatives. Every ingredient is chosen based on its healing properties (such as anti-inflammation, etc.), and our quality is never compromised."