Nowadays a Brand New Copy of 'Unzipped' Goes for $5,000

Nowadays a Brand New Copy of 'Unzipped' Goes for $5,000

So it's late Sunday night and I'm trawling the internet looking for some fun fashion goodies to buy the kiddos for the holidays. Since I'm old, I'm into vintage and stuff, so I'm, like, maybe I should give people some fashion DVDs—like Unzipped, the amazing 1995 documentary about Isaac Mizrahi that really put fashion on the reality moving-picture radar.

Um, too bad it's $5,000. What?

That's right. Looks like Unzipped the DVD has gone out of production, so to score a new copy, you'll have to fork over five big ones (big ones = thousand-dollar bills) to snag a never-before-viewed copy. As for used ones? They're going for upwards of $59. No, seriously.

So yeah. There's your PSA of the evening: No Unzipped for you (or the kiddos). Also, I'm not lending you my copy. I'm not letting that thing out of my sight!

(PS - Don't worry, you can totally watch Unzipped on Hulu Plus and Netflix, so if you haven't already, please do. It's beyond.)
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