The Best New Organic Skincare Line I've Seen So Far This Year - Orico London

The Best New Organic Skincare Line I've Seen So Far This Year - Orico London
This is how much I love Orico London.

If you, like me, have heard that scary statistic about how a huge percentage of the products we slather on our skin is actually absorbed into our bloodstream—and if you, like me, have for years been looking for an organic skincare like that feels just as luxurious, smells just as good, and is just as effective (if not more effective) than your usual chemical allotment, well, maybe you'll want to try out new-to-the-USA skincare line Orico London.

Orico—which stands for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics and Oils—is a purity-driven skincare line from the UK that's specially designed to fight the effects of daily city living (not that you can't use it in the suburbs or, like, on a farm) such as pollution, temperature control (air-con and heating kill my skin), and stress. The line was developed using anti-aging bioactive organic ingredients and the products will cover you top-to-toe.

To be honest, at first, I was most attracted to Orico because the products are made in the UK. I find that, for my sensitive skin, British skincare products are generally really great—maybe there's something in the water? I do find that when I'm over there and poking around drugstores and cosmetics counters, the British cosmetics industry takes sensitive skin very seriously, so maybe the products I've loved all my life (things like E45 Cream) are just products of the skin-loving culture.

So far, hands down, my favorite products from the Orico London collection, which just launched in the US and can be ordered from are: Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil (there's nothing that soothes my dry skin than layering body oil underneath my moisturizer after I shower); Full Cup Bust & Neck Treatment (because, let's be real ladies, taking care of our bosoms and our decollete is a must in your/my 30s); and Streetwise Gentle Antioxidant Face Wash (an anti-inflammatory face wash that removes makeup).

Something else I really love? How the products smell! Most of the creams and potions are either fragrance free or very subtly smell like a cross between lemon sorbet and a creamsicle! Beat that.

Have you tried Orico London skincare? Tell me what you think of it in the comments section below. Me, I'll be slathering myself in everything Orico—especially all their yummy-smelling, super-skin-healing oils—all winter long.
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