StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion Resolutions

StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion Resolutions

It's that time of year again when everyone vows to finally shed those extra pounds, find true love, or learn a second language. But over here at StyleBistro, we're focused on how to make 2013 our most fashionable yet. The best part about our resolutions? They don't require scads of money or really even that much resolve. Plus, many of our plans will actually help to make our lives easier. Check out what each of our personal style goals are and be sure to share your own resolutions in the comments below!

Caitlin Petreycik, Senior Associate Editor
StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion ResolutionsI would like to learn to walk in heels without looking like a drunk baby deer. I also have this big bag of clothes that need to be altered or repaired, sitting in the bottom of my closet, and I really need to just deal with it. Oh, and I need to find a pair of glasses that I really love, because wearing contacts every day, like I do, pretty much, is terrible for your eyeballs.

Lindsay Schallon, Associate Editor
So, I seem to have this problem where I go on rampant shopping sprees buying tons of things I totally have-to-have in the moment and then they sit there, tags still attached, collecting dust in my closet because I'm (womp womp) too lazy to return them. That stops in 2013! (Both the clothes-hoarding and the laziness!) Also, I have about a-thousand-and-one beauty products on my vanity right now. This year, I'm aiming to stay more organized and on top of the mess—it shouldn't be that hard to find the mascara I wear every single day!

Tanya Leigh, Senior Associate Editor
StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion ResolutionsBe kind to my feet and invest in versatile flats.
Rid my closet of fallback clothes I don't really like.
Resist overly trendy items and stick to classic pieces I'll still love in a year (like Miranda's dress).
Find the perfect pair of worn-in jeans (like Olivia Palermo's), a cool leather jacket (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's), and a basic wear-everywhere tote.
Figure out how to pull off leggings—why is this so difficult for me?
Master cute/comfy outfits like Dree Hemingway and Kate Bosworth.

Dominique Streeter
, Associate Editor
StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion ResolutionsRemember a certain closet catastrophe? This year I resolve to have an even more edited wardrobe, which means weeding out and reorganizing my closet on a monthly basis, rather than once per season. I'm also ready to adopt a more streamlined and modern approach to style a la Miranda Kerr. To me, this means wearing fewer accessories and prints, as well as investing in classics that I can re-wear a million ways. Last but not least, it's finally time to incorporate more denim into my wardrobe. It may sound strange, but I've often been asked if I even own a single pair. But with Cameron Diaz as my guide, I'm now itching for endless pairs of cropped skinny jeans to pair with simple sweaters and pointy heels. Pretty chic, huh?
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