It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

Hey guys. So, it's officially been spring in the northern hemisphere for nearly an entire week now and this is the view outside my office window (just a few hours ago, it was snowing)—not very spring-y, huh?

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

Even though it's been a pretty mild winter here in New York—even today, with the snow, the Accuweather app on my phone says it's currently a pretty reasonable 40 degrees outside—there's only so much coat weather I can take before longing for drier, balmier skies.

Here are some things I've been thinking about:

I got to spend some time in Las Vegas over the past couple of months (check out one of my trips'—to Magic and Project—recaps here), and I've been thinking a lot about that city, one of my favorite in the United States—there's glitz, glamour, larger-than-life crime (the last day I was there was when that Range Rover shot up that Maserati and a cab ran into the mess and blew up—all right there on the Strip), plus subcultures to obsess over (the Hawaiian scene is my current favorite).

The This is England series—which I started watching years ago with the first installment and only just watched the 2012 This is England '88 at the end of last year. I'm obsessed with Vicky McClure's character Lol's style. She always wears Docs.

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring
(This is England)

Every book Kazuo Ishiguro's ever written.

How I'm ever going to see Jay-Jay Johanson perform if he doesn't come to the US. Here are the lyrics to his new single "Mr. Fredrikson," which is being released in Europe next week:

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

Over the past two weeks, I've also moved all my clothes out of my wardrobe and onto my sofa because I'm having part of my ceiling replastered. I live in a studio apartment and when I moved in, I gutted the place, tore down five closets, and built one giant one—without a door, which is either dumb or just-okay-smart depending how you look at it. At the time I thought this would be a good way to keep myself in line—since you can see everything, you know. But it's not—and I have way too much stuff. My intentional minimalism is constantly being thwarted by my inherent maximalism.

So here's what I think for spring - take inspiration from the late-80s and early-90s (the time in my life I'm most emotionally attached to anyway), mix in a touch of melancholy, and keep it spare and simple. I'm thinking - lightweight knits, clean lines, blacks, blues, and grays. Maybe a spring ankle boot and sandal (heel or no heel, auuuggh, torn). Nothing fussy. Oh, and once jacket season's over in May, I'll need a handbag or clutch option that won't make me feel like a sherpa. Right now I carry everything around stashed in my pockets and every time I go into a store, other customers think I work there.

Here's what's on my most-wanted list for spring 2013 so far. First up, bags - a pouch clutch from Jil Sander, or maybe a long-strapped leather bag from Ann Demeulemeester - I sort of imagine carrying both in my hand with the tops rolled down, like you would a brown paper lunch bag.
It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring
Now clothes - if I want less stuff, I should buy more dresses and onesies, right? I like, from left to right, this Ann Demeulemeester dress, this Maison Martin Margiela dress, and this Acne jumpsuit - I have a huge collection of lightweight spring jackets and blazers I'd wear these with -

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

I haven't seen a lot of shoes I'm loving yet this spring—hoping second shipments are going to be a lot better. I'm a walker, so wearability trumps teeter-tottering for me. Every summer I buy a pair of Avarcas for everyday; I'll usually supplement with a couple of pairs of dressier sandals—I like these Givenchy flats even though I usually hate ankle straps (these are neutral, so maybe they'll make me look less fat); I don't do flip-flops on the street; and maybe some wedges.
It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

+ Here are some miscellaneous other things I have my eye on this spring - like, the Frank Lloyd Wright Millard House in Pasadena, California (a snip at, oh, just $5 million-ish) -

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

+ A new sofa from Artek. I've wanted to completely redecorate my apartment after visiting Alvar Aalto's house outside of Helsinki last year.

+ Definitely a new skincare ritual. I love my Kiehl's Rosa Arctica like religion, but now I'm at that age where I need a little anti-aging help underneath. Spring seems like a good time to try out some new products. Maybe I'll try some of Erno Laszlo's newest products—I've been a fan of the brand's old-school stuff (like the Sea Mud Soap) for more than 15 years.

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking now, in the dead of wintry March. What are you thinking for spring? Tune in all week long as StyleBistro's editors 'fess up to what they're coveting this season. One of my favorite things about our team here is that we're all so different—so there's sure to be some surprises (and plenty of diversity) ahead (read: more colorful wishlists, ha ha).

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