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Our hormones have a funny way of playing tricks on us. Even with a teething 10-month-old who didn't sleep last night now napping in the other room, and a busy three-year-old with a fiery personality, I find myself thinking about more babies. While my brain says NO, some other part of me gets all antsy when I see a squishy new bundle of joy. Forget going to a baby shower or being around pregnant women.

The reality of adding a third child to the mix is far from the cozy feeling it gives me. I know it would be chaos and more years in financial limbo trying to keep myself at home. And, I'm pretty sure I'd lose my sanity on an even more regular basis than I do already.

So, to fight off that terrible baby fever, I'm reminding myself (and you!) of all the reasons having a baby is way harder than it seems in our hormone-driven fantasies. After all, even those of us who have lived (and are living!) through it have an easy time forgetting. 

If it's too late and you're already pregnant or trying, maybe skip this piece... Or read it knowing the overwhelming good somehow manages to make all this other stuff worth it. 

See, there I go talking myself back into babies again. Click ahead if you could also use a dose of reality.