It's Not Patronizing
Another key component of the film? A smart script and relatable dialogue. To All The Boys doesn't talk down to teenagers, whether it's Lara Jean's well-meaning OB/GYN dad (John Corbett) giving her an envelope full of "rubbers" and wanting to talk about the birds and the bees before dropping her off (oh, how to unpack this one), or Lara Jean opening up to Peter (Noah Centineo) about her fear of vulnerability in love.

Yes, the rom-com character who "doesn't believe in love" or "stays away from relationships to not get hurt" is a trope in itself, but it's prevalent for a reason. I don't blame Lara Jean a single bit, though, and she's wise beyond her years while discussing this and her mother's death, not to mention wisely and empathetically navigating Peter's admission that his dad left his family to start a new one.