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Everything You Need To Know About James Middleton

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You might fancy yourself a Royal Family fan, but did you know that Kate and Pippa Middleton have a younger brother? James Middleton has been decidedly kept under the radar these last couple of years, even as his sisters were swarmed by paparazzi and had every life and style move captured and detailed.

Because of that, there was little known about the youngest Middleton, who has kept his head down and has been busy building business empires instead. That is, until now. His secret Instagram was unearthed earlier this month, sharing a rare glimpse into the personal life of one of the Middleton family members.

Now that James has been fully thrown into the spotlight and people are curious to know more about his story. A few things we have learned about Kate and Pippa's brother? He's very protective of his sisters, he has made a career in sweet treats, and he has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health. Oh, and he looks great with a beard and loves dogs. *Swoon*

Keep reading to learn even more about the youngest Middleton brother.