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With five planets in retrograde throughout the month of July (yes, that's including the infamous Mercury rx we all know and love), and three eclipses spanning early July to mid-August, a period known as eclipse season, the cosmos certainly has a lot in store for us this summer. 

Eclipses are known as "cosmic wild cards," occurring four to six times a year, and sweeping in to precipitate a time of sudden and often unexpected change in our lives.

Astrologers know eclipse season as a period in which destiny comes calling. This can be either hugely exciting and expansive or destabilizing, depending on how we approach change and how easily we're able to go with the flow.

The good news? Whatever leaves your life at this time is meant to go. Let it. Although of course that's easier said than done, it helps to bear in mind that no matter how shocking or dramatic the change — whether it's ending a relationship, career shifts, and major lifestyle reboots, or something more nebulous and less easily defined — endings make space for new beginnings. And this one's got the entire cosmos in your corner. 

But when in doubt? Keep reading for my pick of must-have wellness items for this eclipse season. From energy cleansing kits to crystal grids and ritual candles, I've got you covered with everything you'll need to get through it. #EclipseSeasonSurvivalGuide