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Famous Royals Then And Now

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Francis Apesteguy/Getty Images
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While we all know what our favorite royals look like now, it might surprise you to see how much they've changed (or haven't) compared to their younger selves. For example, we almost didn't recognize Monegasque royal Pierre Casiraghi when he was a young 19-year-old monarch thanks to his long hair and fresh-faced appearance. Queen Letizia of Spain, on the other hand, looks just as stunning now as she did over a decade ago.

Looking back at vintage photos of famous royals, it's clear a handful of these monarchs still love to wear certain styles. Another thing that hasn't changed? Their smiles! While their hair colors and appearances may look different, we can spot these royals from a mile away thanks to their signature grins. Princess Victoria of Sweden, in particular, is always seen with the same warm smile she's been flashing since her early days as a teenage princess. 

Ahead, see what famous royals looked like then versus now.